Charles Eugster: ‘It’s pure vanity. My body was a mess’ – Telegraph

Charles Eugster, 93, works out with Sarah Rainey Photo: RII SCHROER

Sarah Rainey

By Sarah Rainey

6:08PM GMT 24 Feb 2013

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‘Push,” shouts the Lycra-clad man, jabbing his finger at the bench press. “Pull,” he yells, as my straining arms start shaking, sweat dripping into my eyes. “Push.” He is almost screaming now. My cheeks, red and shiny, are puffed out in exertion. Wobbling, I lift 58kg (128lb), 59, 60… Suddenly, he stops shouting. The dumbbells slam down, nearly wrenching my shoulders from their sockets. “Oh for goodness sake, stop being a wimp,” he mutters, waving me aside. “Let me show you how it’s done.”

The man now lifting weights like they’re, well, weightless, is Charles Eugster. World Masters Rowing gold medallist. International decathlete. Swiss national fitness champion. Celebrity bodybuilder, rower and all-round athletic superhero. And he’s 93 years old.

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