Scientific Studies | Nordixx Inc.Nordixx Inc.

Scientific Studies International Overview on Clinical & Scientific Studies on Nordic Pole Walking General Studies: 1. NPW engages more than 90% of Body Muscles 2. NPW versus walking without poles: Percentage of Body Muscles involved Calorie Burning Rate per hour 3. Nordic Walking — “Whole body sport”. Interview by Dr. Henrike Ottenjahn Bachfischer K. MMW Fortschr Med. 2005 Jul 21;147(29-30):19. Germany 4. Comparison of kinematic and kinetic parameters between the locomotion patterns in Nordic walking, walking and running Kleindienst FI, Michel KJ, Schwarz J, Krabbe B. Sportverletz Sportschaden. 2006 Mar;20(1):25-30. German. PMID: 16544213 5. Effects of Nordic Pole Walking on Functional Capacity in Patients with Moderate to Severe Heart Failure ML Keast, R Reid, M Slovinec-D’Angelo, L McDonnell Minto Prevention & Rehabilitation Centre, Ottawa, 2010

Source: Scientific Studies | Nordixx Inc.Nordixx Inc.

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