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Epimedium, also known as barrenwort, bishop’s hat, fairy wings, horny goat weed, rowdy lamb herb, randy beef grass or yin yang huo (Chinese: 淫羊藿), is a genus of flowering plants in the family Berberidaceae. The majority of the species are endemic to China, with smaller numbers elsewhere in Asia, and a few in the Mediterranean region.[2]

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Horny Goat Weed extract supplement for libido, side effect

What is the right dosage and what are safety issues that you need to know, by Ray Sahelian, M.D. author of Natural Sex Boosters, a guide to safely and effectively using natural aphrodisiacs from around the world

December 18 2014

Horny goat weed is a pungent ornamental herb found in Asia and the Mediterranean. The Chinese call it Yin Yang Huo, which loosely means “licentious goat plant.” Legend has it that the name came from a herder who noticed his goats becoming more sexually active after eating the plant. Supplement companies have adopted the provocative name by which it is known in the U.S. Horny goat weed plant has the botanical name epimedium because it is similar to a plant found in the ancient Asian kingdom of Media, now a part of Iran. Epimedium is a genus of many related plant species and some are used for medicinal purposes, including E. sagittatum, E. brevicornum, and E. koreanum. Although it has a history of traditional use for disorders of the kidneys, joints, and liver, its principle use in the western world is as an aphrodisiac and to combat fatigue. It is appropriate for use by a woman and a man. Most sex herbs work in men and women.

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Bodybuilder Oli Cooney died from ‘massive’ steroid use after 2 heart attacks | Daily Mail Online

An obsessive bodybuilder who suffered two heart attacks and three strokes because of his massive intake of anabolic steroids died aged just 20 after ignoring repeated warnings to stop working out, an inquest heard.

Fitness fanatic Oli Cooney had been told by doctors when he was 18 that he was putting his life at risk if he did not limit his weightlifting but he refused to listen – and told family he was ‘invincible’.

Oli was openly taking anabolic steroids because he wanted to change his body image and had been working out since he was 16, his grandmother Janet Brook told a hearing in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

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